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When you take out a loan, you are banking on the level of trust that the lenders have on your ability to pay back what you owe them come the end of the loan term. When lenders believe you have the means to get your debts repaid on time, you are considered to have a good credit. But if your credit is bad, it creates an implication that you may not be as trustworthy as far as your debt obligations go.

How Loans Can Help Your Credit

Your credit score depends on how well you have managed your debts in the past. A history littered with late payments and defaults are not going to make you an attractive borrower to any lender. How many times you have applied for a loan, whether denied or rejected, in a a certain span of time is also going to have an effect on your creditworthiness.

Loan applications lower your credit score

While it is only just for a few points, but every time you apply for credit you cause your score to decrease. This is because every time you send out a loan application, lenders are required to carry out a hard check, a credit inquiry into your financial records. When there are several inquiries on your credit record in just a short time, lenders could interpret this as an indication that you are desperate for money. They might also infer that you’re trying to borrow more money than you can really afford to pay back.

Loan repayments have more impact

If you ever get approved for a loan, it is important to manage your repayments properly. How well you do can have a huge impact on your credit records. Payment history makes up for about 35% of your credit score. This is why you cannot afford to have late payments and defaults showing up in your record, especially if you hope to get approved for a major loan such as a mortgage or a car loan in the future.

Loan balance and debt-to-income ratio

How much unpaid loan you still have to your name will have an impact to your score as well. You’ll be viewed less credit-worthy when you still have a huge chunk of unpaid loan attached to you. In addition, your debt-to-income ration can also impact your credit score. When you have more debt compared to how much you’re earning, lenders might not view you as a very attractive prospect for doing business.

Places Where To Find Quick and Easy Loans

Bad credit when you’re dealing with a financial emergency can be very frustrating. This is especially true if you’re trying to take out a loan to cover whatever cash shortage you’re experiencing. Still, this doesn’t mean that creditors are going to slam their doors on you when you attempt to apply. When you know what you’re looking for, you’ll find lenders that will still be willing to assist you despite your credit history. 


For bad credit borrowers, getting a loan from a bank might just well be wishful thinking. They are less likely to offer you anything if your credit history has been rather patchy. But if you have an account with them, they might consider offering some concessions. If you can offer security when taking out a loan, however, you’ll find that they might be more than willing to lend you a hand. Presenting a guarantor also increases your approval chances as well. 

Payday lenders

You might have an easier time getting approved for a loan by referring to a payday lender. Unlike banks that do conventional hard credit checks, payday lenders often only do a soft one, which is not going to pull your credit score down. They can offer quick, fast loans for small amounts. This makes them perfect for many an emergency financial situation.

Payday lenders will be concerned about your means to pay back a loan. So, instead of focusing solely on your credit score, they would take more notice of how much you are earning right now when deciding on your application. They do charge sky-high rates on interest though so exploring alternatives before signing up for one is always encouraged.


 If you have valuables that you think might fetch a good sum, pawnshops may be able to help you. From appliances to gadgets to jewellery these providers can offer you a loan secured by whatever collateral you present. You do stand to lose the collateral if you will be unable to pay the loan back. But if your credit is bad and you are desperate for cash, these places will be more than happy to accommodate you. 


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