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Apply for up to £1500 with 6 months to repay

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Choose the right deal you can afford. You can apply for up to £1,500 and with convenient repayment options. Pay it back in one go or have it in installments for 6 months. You’ve got the sweetest deals right here!


The application process is incredibly simple. All you need to do is to complete an online form. There’s no need to go to banks and wait days for a decision. Once approved, we send the funds right away as fast as 90 seconds.


We understand having a credit problem can be difficult. But you don’t have to worry about it. We look past your check your history and if you’re good with paying back your loans, we’ll find ways for you.

Lending Stream Reviews

Got the best deals right here. The application process is stress-free. I didn’t even have to leave home. I got the funds I need in just a few minutes. This is definitely a must-try experience for anyone out there having financial problems.

Kevin McCormick


Easy-to-use service that is better than the standard loan application. The service is outstanding. If you get stuck without emergency funds, this is your go-to guy. It’s quick cash that you can rely on anywhere you are. Highly-recommended service!

Brandon Roberts

Business Owner

Excellent service. You’ve got plenty of options to make sure you can afford it. It can be expensive. Yes. But it is the best emergency cash assistance that you can get. I got approved even with my low credit back then. Definitely one of the best out there.

Cameron Scully


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  • Convenient Application Process
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  • Lowest Interest Rates
  • Bad Credit, OK

Better Than Payday Loans

Payday loans are great. It is easy to rely on payday loans to get out of a difficult financial problem. It has been one of the best immediate cash assistance solutions out there helping people during financial distress. However, there are times that paying back can be quite difficult. As a result, you get stuck in a cycle with interest rates constantly increasing.

Lending Stream is one of the best alternatives for payday loans. If you’re having problems paying back the loan, we can stretch it out for you and make your monthly payment a lot more convenient. You get to pay your debt in installments for 6 months. Want to pay off your loan fast? That’s cool too! You get no additional charge and less interest rates.
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